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Songodsuns aka 2Mex Over The Counter Culture Up Above • 2005

Some may not know, but LA's 2Mex can already be called a veteran in the game. First of all as a member of The Visionaries and second, as founder/member of groups such as Of Mexican Descent, The Afterlife, Mindclouders, Brainbusters and Shapeshifters. No project is too much for this Californian MC with a Mexican background. For years now, he’s been makin conscious, fresh hip-hop and has made quite a name in the underground scene with albums such as the promising 'B-Boys Occupated In Mexico', the magnificent ‘2 Mex’ and the spoken word LP 'Words Knot Music'.

With his latest project, 2Mex aka Alexandro Ocano, brings together some of the Left Coast's finest producers such as DJ Khalil, Babu and Key Kool, beatsmith revelations Sa Ra Creative Partners and respected underground crafters such as Omid, Sach (LightHeaded) and Life Rexall (The Shapeshifters). Special guest star from the East Coast is Jean Grae, who rips the mic on the excellent Khalil cut 'Big Beat Walkthrough' and even tends to overshadow her host; 'Specialist of word excellence, spur of the moment is free, flirt with the flow'. The first highlight tracks you'll come across while listening is the Sa Ra produced 'It's All 4 You' and 'Gone Till Whenever', a song about all the places 2Mex has been while touring and the excitement of travelling the world but also of coming home. 'Everyday' is a smooth song with a catchy chorus and a sunny Key Kool production, followed by a philosophical piece of advice in 'Dream Small' that could well be the key to a happier life; 'Everyday all of my dreams come true, because I dream small'. 'Breathe Of A Salesman' (cf. Arthur Miller’s play 'Death Of A Salesman') condemns illegal downloading and features the lovely Jean Grae once again. Colleague LMNO features on 'S-s-sorry', a song that would normally appear on a LMNO album but eventually ended up on this one. It's an incredible beat, produced by Life Rexall; the mystic yet exotic vibe, trembling bass and smashing snare reflect West Coast productions such as Khalil, Oh No or Jake One’s.

'Over The Counter Culture' is yet again a great 2Mex release and with a good label behind it and well-known names that can put this album on another level. Not on a mainstream level but on a level of ultimate recognition by the underground masses. Because after all, 'This CD is underground but the culture is over the counter', as Mex raps in the title track. If you like your hip-hop genuine with in-depth lyrics, buy this one and please don’t download!

POSTED ON 05|30|2005 by cpf

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