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Ge-ology Ge-ology Plays Ge-ology Female Fun • 2005

Although he was in a group called 'Born Busy' with Tupac Shakur and designed the marvellous cover for Q-Tip, Mos Def and Tash's 'Body Rock' 12" (of Lyricist Lounge vol 1), Ge-ology first caught attention with his production on the Mos Def and Kweli 'Black Star' album, 'B-Boys Will B-Boys'. From then on, the Renaissance Man never stopped makin the illest productions, blessing beats for underground acts such as Jigmastas, Lone Catalysts, Unspoken Heard and soul artists like Jill Scott and Vinija Mojica. Ge-ology's trademark is his deep, groovy bass lines and sparkling jazz loops, much comparable to the works of DJ Spinna and J Rawls.

This CD-only release is a compilation with instrumentals that were already released, on albums or on 12"s, added with some exclusive beats ànd vocal versions. The tracks are smoothly mixed and therefore it seems like you're on one long joyride of mellowness, on a journey through sweet, soulful beats. Great is the man's production for the Jigmastas' 'Reality Check', a wonderful, mystic tune, and Unspoken Heard's 'Elevator Music', with its bugged-out bass line and an exotic guitar lick. Somehow different from Ge-ology’s trademark beats are 'Street March' with some solid drums and 'Menage Et Trois', a menacing beat with a Large Pro-like, dusty raw sample. One of the headlights of Truth Enola's latest album is without a doubt the Ge-ology produced 'All Alone', an up-tempo cut with a soulful voice in the chorus, and of course this couldn't be left out.

Talkin about soul, 'Sands Of Time' and 'Guilt Junkie' are two songs he produced for Miss Vinija Mojica. The first is hypnotic bass lines and Vinija’s beautiful vocals, the second is a more melancholic, soothing track but not less beautiful. Besides these songs there’s also some rap vocals: the remix of Pete Rock and Grand Agent's 'This Is What They Meant' (of the Superrappin vol 2 album), Mystic's 'That’s Right' and Consequence’s 'Fasho'. A pleasant and refreshing alternative to the instrumentals, however the beats could carry a whole album as well, because Ge-ology’s production equals variation and it makes ya feel good and that’s what most music is still supposed to do.

This is some of those compilations you can savour from the first till the last minute, and of which the end comes way too soon and will have you reachin for the 'rewind'-button again and again. Unfortunately this is a CD-release only ànd it's mixed, so I guess plenty of DJ’s will be disappointed. Regardless of that, Ge-ology's productions are essential parts of many underground classic albums such as 'Black Star', 'Black On Both Sides', the 'Beyond Real' series and the 'Superrappin' albums. With this compilation you go like 'Oh yes, that’s right, he made this one' and 'Oooh boy, he made that one too!' Besides this beautiful piece of music, Female Fun released two other instrumental albums that you must check; DJ Spinna's 'Compositions 3' and Prince Paul’s 'Itstrumentals'.

POSTED ON 06|19|2005 by cpf

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