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DeLoach Life And Times Of Wally Deluxe Black Son • 2005

Roderick Deloach is acquainted with T3 and Elzhi of Slum Village, and he's affiliated with the Strange Fruit Project, here is two good reasons to believe that this album is funky fresh hip-hop with groovy bass lines, fat snares, and built on a whole lot of soul food. Drawing lines with Jay Dee for the production and for instance with Supastition for the lyrics is natural and at its place but above all this MC has managed to create his own sound.

MC DeLoach from Texas drops ill lyrics, some braggin ('Wha Cha Gon Do'), some soul searchin and most of all honousty. Like on 'Translation', 'Glass Ceiling', where he gets spiritual 'Pray every single day, let ya knees drop' and talks about adversity in life and the world, 'Writer's Block', where he explains the pressure to perform, even without inspiration 'Yo, it's kinda like blablablabla', and 'Infatuate', a fresh jazzy beat with strong lyrics on the matter of love. 'Salvation' is another example of sincerity, talkin about the struggle to make it in life and the eager to heal the world. DeLoach touches various themes in a well-thought, strong way with several old-school lyrical references (Rakim's Paid In Full quote in 'Salvation' eg.) Most of the beats on this album are done by Symbolic One, who only seems to grow and whose sound gets richer by the day. For example 'Let's Go', a headnod banger with a great piano chop, and 'Take Me Away', a beautiful Latino inspired track with a fantastic sax loop, some great piano playing and ditto soul singing in the chorus. Other poduction is done by Symbolic's partner Illmind, who did the beat for the first single of the album 'Labor of Love' (featuring Bavu Blakes and Poisoned FETUS), S1 and up-and-coming producer FYV, who made the opening song 'FYV Elements', a cool hip-hop dedication.

This is a very strong album, the kind you'll spin a whole lot of times, because it has depth as well as amusement and the beats, well, they are made by the new breed in hip-hop, Symbolic, Illmind and the whole Strange Fruit Project, watch out for them. Texas ain't bringing nuthin but the heat.

POSTED ON 06|21|2005 by cpf

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