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Maker Shooting The Breeze Galapagos4 • 2005

One of the most remarkable albums of 2004 was Qwel and Maker's 'The Harvest', a fantastic underground LP with clever lyrics and supreme beats, crafted by one of Chicago's most prolific and ambitious producers, Maker. Two years ago, he released his debut compilation album 'Honestly' and 'Seconds Away', together with Adeem and DQ as the formation Glue. 'Shooting The Breeze' is stacked with instrumentals and gives us a more in-depth overview of Maker's production skills.

The songs are perfectly composed, they have a nice built-up, rich of instruments and/or vocals and therefore contain lots of variation. When listening to the album, you automatically think of reputated beatsmiths like DJ Shadow and RJD2. Listen to a song like 'Ilve pt 1&2' for instance; the soulful raw voice samples remind of RJD2’s mystical style and the rough drums breathe DJ Shadow's' 'Endtroducing'. The drum programming on this album is incredible, some rough, some clean, but most of all funky and head-noddin material. Most of the songs on this album are built up from a spine of raw and varieted drums, with gloomy piano loops and small bass twinges, like on the mellow 'Love Tomorrow', with its twisted bass line, excellent piano loop and flutes. The musical tapestry is rich of instruments, only verifying Maker's qualities as a composer. The title track is wonderful; up-tempo drums, a hypnotic loop, beautiful choruses and excellent reverbs. The album exhales different kind of moods: the exotic, dubby 'Remember The Name' is a fresh sparkle while 'Broken Promises' gets gloomy and bluesy. Most of the LP touches the emotional string of the listener's soul and that's what good music is supposed to do. Sometimes instrumental albums are underestimated in hip-hop, but albums like these clearly prove otherwise.

After Female Fun's series of incredible instrumental albums, this is yet again a superb piece of instrumental music to be released at the edge of summertime. Maker succeeded in bringing a complete and very enjoyable album, no need for vocals on this one. This album is a proof of Maker’s talent and qualities as a beatcrafter, not only capable to provide beats for MC’s but also to let the music speak for itself. (street date: July 5)

POSTED ON 07|05|2005 by cpf

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