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Serious Lee Fine Nothing Can Stop Us Arista • 1989

The year was 1989 and Run DMC were crowned the Kings of Hip-Hop for quite a few years already. Now they pushed other groups to worldwide fame in the rapidly growing rap scene. In 1993 they (especially Jam Master Jay) managed to rocketeer the career of Onyx and even 50 Cent got signed to Jay’s JMJ Records, but there was for example also Ice Smooth and The Afros, acts that didn’t really blow any windows. The same goes for Serious Lee Fine, a trio from Texas, who knew like ten minutes of moderate fame (understatement) with this album.

A pity because this album had potential to become a classic, now it can merely become a cult album. Lots of today’s artists would fight for a production line-up like on this LP: most tracks are produced by Jam Master Jay himself, Davy D (a DJ Premier of his era) and Ray Davis. The latter got rid of his last name, put an X in front of it, went on producing for MF Doom and became a member of the Monsta Island Czars. In those days, Davis also produced for a rapper named Sugar Bear, who made some tight singles. The production is indeed the strongest part of the album. X-Ray produced the incredibly funky 'Cut It Up Chip', with a hypnotic bass line and juicy lyrics that very much remind of the duo rappin style of Run DMC. The lead single of the album is 'Nothing Can Stop Us Now', a superfunky joint with some incredible sampling involved. Other great songs are the stupid dope intro song 'The Big Dis', about dissin the girls they’ve dated, 'Everybody Playz The Fool', 'Bust The Beat' and 'It's All About Love'. The album’s quality tends to fade away as the B-side continues, especially with some boring hip-house tracks like 'Boom Bang Em' and 'Everything’s Fun, Everything’s Real, Everything’s Life'.

Besides a few uninspired tracks this album has a lot to offer. The lyrics aren’t bad and the production is tight on 90 % of the LP. This is stuff that you’ll come around in any thrift-shop or flea market and especially on Ebay, the CD version has one track extra…

POSTED ON 06|22|2005 by cpf

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