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Thaione Davis Situation Renaissance EP Birthwrite • 2004

Ladies and gentlemen let me present to you, from Chicago, Illinois, Mr Thaione Davis. He rocks the cover like a jazz artist; with style and class, dressed in a suit and smokin on something. 'Jazz cats floatin all in my brain'

Thaione's music is indeed mostly jazz-inspired but also reggae contributions can be heard. The intro, for instance, is a dubby beat with Thaione (pronounced: Tie-Wan) introducin himself and some minutes later, a reggae-influenced intermission procedes the beautiful 'Fieldsongs', a mystic trademark Thaione beat, with a taste of The Renaissance Man's fresh style of rappin: 'She likes to play the trumpet, fill it with cold jazz, she wears her feelings on her shoulder, she got plenty ass'. Shortcomings of today's materialistic society get tackled in the fantastic 'Airplane', where an electric guitar lick sets the mood. Guest producer Kenny Keys has a few highlight beats on his sleeve; 'The Long' is a great boom-bap track with Thaione flowin straight on, provin he'll be in this game for 'the long', and 'The Connection' takes it back to the time when Diamond D and Pete Rock were blowin up. A magnificent track with a hypnotic loop, an thumpin bass line and a great organ solo at the end. Check the video right here. Together with Cosmo Galactus, Thaione drops tight lyrics on 'Local 181', charachterised by its dusty trumpet loop and the sparkling 'Keys Of Life', featuring Kenny Keys, closes a very strong EP.

This musical piece is one of the best things that came out in 2004, with tight lyricism and extra-ordinary production by Thai Uno, Kenny Keys and Overflo. Groovy bass lines, the illest loops, the fattest snares and lyrics that are just fresh and sometimes filled with socially awareness. We knew it for a while, but albums like this prove that real hip-hop lives on in the 2000s.

POSTED ON 07|13|2005 by cpf

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