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Nu-Sounds Mackin' Uni / Strong City • 1989

Once in a while, if you’re an addicted crate digger, you can find the rarest albums in the most unexpected places. One of these dollar bin miracles is the first and only album of Nu-Sounds which I found for only a few euros in a second-hand shop around the corner. First of all, the cover is legendary: the Nu Sounders are sitting in a camp living-room with some women, not knowing that King Kong is looking thru the window. The back of the record sleeve shows our friends laying 'scared to death' on the floor.

Production wise, this album is top class, not very surprising if you know that Nu-Sounds is affiliated with Jazzy Jay, executive producer of the album and one of the illest beat technicians of the late 80’s. Most of the tracks are mad funky, up-tempo going from real party beats ('Body Slam' with Afrika Bambaata) to rugged Ced Geeesque beats with rough lyrics like 'Mercenaries of Chaos'. Most of the tracks equal swinging and havin a good time without losing its credibility due to the high quality funky beats and the lyrical smoothness of both RMR and Chaz Rich.

In 1993 RMR and producer Rohan Robotham returned with the group Strickly Roots, releasing 'Begs No Friends'. This album is a must-have for addicts of mid-school hip hop.

POSTED ON 09|06|2004 by cpf

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