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Thaione Davis April January Domination • 2005

Thaione Davis is not your ordinary producer. With ease he can flip beats for others to rap over, he rhymes himself when he feels like it or when he wants to let the music speak, he’s also capable of makin solid instrumental albums. And not only filled with just any kind of beats but straight musical compositions. Thaione is not only a producer but also a true composer.

The album begins with a very short, Sun Ra-kind of intro and introduces the opening song 'Prelude'. This track begins slowly, with down-tempo drums that tend to put you in a hypnotical, soothing daze, even more when some guitar plucks are kickin in and you'll totally start to mesmerize when a whining loop is crafted over the beat. Very nice and just as you think this is gettin boring, some percussion is added, the drums are switched and a weather report is sampled unto the track. 'Afternoon In Greece' continues with a mystic voice sample and again, live instruments, that were added to the sampling, this time with an Oriental type-of-sound that makes ya believe you're even furhter than Greece, more South-Eastwards. 'Mandolin Theatre' keeps the listener in Oriental regions with a sparkling string sample that was cut from the string loop on Common’s 'I Used To Love H.E.R.', followed by a weather report that takes us to the fantastic '4:16 (Thursday)', with persistive percussion and some horns that appear out of the background unto the surface, once in a while. 'The January Poem' got chunks of electronica, trip-hop, broken jazz fusion and Lauren Hill, but the snare betrays that this is a hip-hop instrumental album, only to prove that hip-hop is a broad genre on the crossroads of different kinds of (soul) music. Just before closin up, ‘Sierra Leone’ puts the music on the rails with an up-tempo and swirling organ loop and takes us to the final, 12-minutes lasting piece, which is a perfect balance of numerous live instruments and unique sampling, not too much, not too less, but exactly right to create a rich tapestry of sounds.

With 'April January', we’ve tumbled in a world of various sounds, feelings, worlds ànd seasons. We’re taken on a journey through spring, summer, fall and winter, through Africa, a big part of Asia, over the Southern parts of Europe back to Chicago. World travelling with time at our side and the only thing you have to do is put on your headphones and bump this excellent piece of music. RJD2 and Blockhead would like this a lot and any fan of good instrumental music will too.

POSTED ON 07|26|2005 by cpf

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