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I.T. Low Income Housing Domination • 2004

Put two hungry artists together and you'll have great music. Thaione Davis proved himself as an excellent producer with his album 'Situation Renaissance' and Infinito 2017? Well, before this record, he made already a dozen of albums filled with knowledge, black positivism and fresh punchlines. Now they join forces and came up with this excellent piece of hip-hop.

Thaione's beats are strongly jazz inspired, very musical and relive different kind of moods. Where other producers fail to freshen up their style and flip different kinds of beats, Thaione uses a wide range of instruments. Guitars, violins, piano's, and even a harmonica, as in the first song 'Acknowledge the After'. Infinito raps about society and being conditionalized; 'They say what you don't know don't hurt you, because the blind can’t see, without sight you can’t decide, so how can an empty mind tell me how to rhyme', no, these are not your average lyrics, Infinito goes deep and drops knowledge on the ignorant. 'Green Card' is a down-tempo, soothing track with a guitar loop, while Infinito once again drops some quotes and little stories that underline his point of black awareness, while Thaione joins on the mic 'Infinito for the people, Thaione for the unemployed'. A highlight song is 'You Are Not It', with a smashing guitar loop and up-tempo lyrics by Marcellous Lovelace. Even a bigger smasher is 'My Life Creation # 63' with the all-saying subtitle 'blues of black music', a dedication to Jimmy Hendrickx, John Coltrane and the pioneers of black music and a condamnation of the exploited art form hip-hop has become nowadays: 'Hip-hop is an art form that our big brothers started, now big corporations get rich while your family’s starvin'. The same topic is dealt with in 'Bubblegum Artist', a dark track featuring Cosmo Galactus and Mr Skurge, attacking the whole commercial status of rap. 'We’re not immigrants, we the new who plants the seeds', black consciousness is once again brought to the table in the title track, a stand-out track and one of the many highlights.

If you do not want to be confronted with strong minds then you don't wanna listen to this album, unless you care for good music, but that would be a contradiction, right? Anyway, get ready to be taught and to enjoy good music at the same time. IT is a great project and cries for a follow-up album. Also don't forget to check out the two video clips of ‘Green Card' and 'Dolemite vs Samuel L Jackson' who go by the CD!

POSTED ON 07|25|2005 by cpf

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