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Majik Most Molesting Hip Hop Domination • 2005

Let's forward to the outro: in 'Pause Tape Champion' we can hear different samples pasted together that tell us a lot about The Sweaty Back Bastard’s music. Big L's spittin 'Bitches sweatin me wherever I go', Ghostface raps 'No girl can freak me, I’m just too nasty', Shyheim boasts 'I’m the punani-don-daddaaa', Chi-Ali nasals 'The girlies, the ladies, I love em with a passion' and Notorious BIG kicks 'All I want is bitches, big booty bitches'. Let it be clear; this album is about girls, girls, girls and havin fun. And how refreshing it is, to hear an album with nuthin but funny punch lines and dope, boom bap beats, prepared by today's most boom bappest of producers Apathy, Celph Titled and JJ Brown (for practical reasons we won’t talk about The Demigodz).

Rewind to the beginning of the album. After the introductory song 'Majik Most Theme 2005', with the all-saying line 'Donkey ass! I need a Mexican hat!' and the subtle 'I crack more than jokes, I crack throats', 'Skinny Girls (Eat Some Food)' opens the festivities; Majik Most declares his love for big booties as he shuffles chicks-on-a diet over Digital Underground’s 'Do The Humpty Hump' beat. 'Just A Feelin', produced by FredNukes, is a fantastic collabo between the magnetic two, Majik Most and Celph Titled. They're obviously thé stars of the show! Check out the old school references by Celph: 'I keep so many guns on me, gotta rock Hammer pants' or 'Why give a bitch some cheddar, while I can go home and jack off to some old school rap videos by Salt N Peppa'. The raw Tim Dog sample 'That bullshit’s not me, that bullshit is you' and a funky guitar solo, takin it away to church, are makin this song a highlight. Another great collabo is 'Chick’s Don't Mind' with the always on-point Louis Logic, who sings in the chorus, exactly like he did on 'Between Your Legs' on The Odd Couple album. They're hittin us both with their trademark twisted lyrics; Majik is convinced: 'Nine out of ten vaginas prefer Majik, while Logic raps 'I make chicks feel Italian when they hold the saussage'. More hilarity in the Barber theme 'Deranged Barber', where Majik plays a sadistic barber and threatens to cut people’s hair like Bobitto, an unmasked Robocop, '...or that other guy’s neck from Saved by the Bell, Screech when I reach for my razer from hell' and even worse: 'I leave you semi-hairless like Ed Harris'. More highlights are the crew cut ‘Real Villains’ featuring Celph, Guttamouf and Lord Digga over a funky Latin beat, ‘The Show With No Name Promo’, a boom bap banger with uplifting strings, and J-Zone’s remix of ‘Extra Thug Sauce’. Also great are the two female features by Canadian’s Eternia on ‘Stuck –prrrt, stick em, hahaha, stick em- Up’ and Jadde Foxx on ‘Florida Celebrities’; the latter spittin over Premier’s smashing beat from Snoop’s ‘One and Only' record. Good news for the fans since day one, because the CD also contains the earlier released 'Majik’s Theme', 'Forgot You' and 'Mothers Molesters' (featuring Celph Titled)!

The madness don’t stop because there’s also a DVD included which contains plenty of hardcore ish such as backstage footage with appearances from J-Zone, Apathy, Celph, Louis Logic, Guttamouf ànd Vinnie Paz -the fuckin Father of Christ- yeah! There’s also two videoclips of ‘Forget You’ and ‘Baldwin Brothers’ (feat Celph), some funny, Jack Ass-type-of-ish, some bloopers and the rest you just gotta check out yourself...because this is a nice extra, a view into the crazy world of Majik Most. ‘Molesting Hip Hop’ is the dirtiest, funniest, craziest CD out now, so go get it.

POSTED ON 07|28|2005 by cpf

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