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Magnetic Force 12-52-365 Joey Boy • 1989

Aight. First of all, the title says '12' as in months, '52' as in weeks and '365' as in days, which totals (mostly) a year. Very simple ain't it, but quite clever. Magnetic Force is three guys from Miami kickin it hardcore all year around. This is not a Miami Bass album but it’s somehow affiliated with it, due to the electronic instruments used on this album (read: keyboards). All beats are crafted by a synthesizer and while some drums sound hollow and plastic with some echo effects, most of the beats are crazy raw.

The album opens with the title track, which contains a dope guitar loop that's hypnotically repeated over and over again, makin ya head bounce. The lyrics are quite aggressive and braggadocios; 'I’m talking everlasting knowledge: it’s all I know'. The cuts, laced by DJ F.M., are supa dope. 'Said We Couldn’t Do It' is an up-tempo track with horns and lyrics that are sharper than on the previous track; 'You was amazed by the lyrical structure and how we struck ya'. 'Magnetic Force ain’t Frontin' is one of our favourites; a crazy guitar loop with slammin snares, breaks scratched unto it, siren effects and in the second half of the song the beat is switched. Production and DJ-wise this is top class like most of the album. 'Unorthodoxism' is a great example of their creativity who knows few limits: different breaks are scratched unto the beat, a variety of effects are added and the drums are played backwards. The more common production, with trademark samples, is handled on cuts like 'Save That Rap', characterized by a menacing bass, the excellent ‘Universal’ with a world famous break. And the minimalistic but funny 'Condom Sense', a save sex anthem with 'overpowered' basses. To end the party: 'We Want More' is strongly advised, a dope track with the typical synth bass lines, spacey effects, supreme scratches and some live drummin.

While some bass lines and kicks sound a little artificial, this album has crazy creative production and ditto scratches. The MC’s kick nice, braggadocios lyrics, but nothing more than that, it’s nice to listen to but it won’t get you excited, the production on the other hand… leave out the few technical shortcomings and you can say it’s top notch. Magnetic Force ain't frontin, believe that!

POSTED ON 08|27|2005 by cpf

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