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Slug & Murs Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet Rhymesayers • 2005

The Felt project came together after Murs and Slug had a discussion about who would have the most chance of sleeping with Christina Ricci. So in 2002, they made a Christina Ricci tribute LP. This time, Lisa Bonet aka TV-daughter of Bill Cosby, Denise Huxtable, and former wife of Lenny ‘I’m-the-coolest’ Kravitz is the chosen one. Murs and Slug’s taste in female beauty betters with the years and so does the music. Not that the first Felt was a bad album but this one is simply better!

What’s more, this a terrific album with two rappers feelin at ease and doing the fuck they want, and a producer who’s explorin new horizons, stickin close to the mid school funk and doing whatever he does best; makin soulful beats. The funk is all over as this album reminds of a early 90’s West Coast classic. Vibes like you only 'felt' when listening to Ice Cube's early work; 'Gangsta Ass Anthony' is Bomb Squad all over (the breaks!) and the beat of the interlude 'Lisa' ('Why do you like me so much? Cuz I talk Ghetto sometimes?') and 'Morris Day' ('Here’s a dollar for the jukebox, go play my song'), with an excellent woodwind loop, has West Coast all over it; a breeze of good vibes that’s bound to hit your car’s boom box system on a sunny day. 'I’m just trying to live life cool', Murs rhymes in the chorus, a life that should be as fun as livin in Vegas, as Slug explains in the electro-funk bouncer 'Life Vegas': 'Boom boom, boom bo-boom, from the moon till the noon' and 'This shit’s even hotter than my bath tub water'. The song has a Living Legends touch to it, so no wonder that Murs feels comfortable and has a ball; 'We ol’ Bally’s, Mustang Sally’s, the reason why LL never made it back to Cali'. Both Slug and Murs are doin what they like and often step away from their trademark melancholy and cynicism. Hell, they even get truly braggadocious in the hilarious 'Your Mans And Them' ('What’s up with your guy at the bar acting hard, he a magnet for a busted eye'), 'Early Mornin Tony' and 'Breaker Down Like A Shotgun'. The electricity between the two emcees is high voltage, and Ant’s production is phenomenal. He flips beats I never tought he was capable of flippin. 'Marvin Gaye' is a wonderful beat that’s not too complex but Marvin's voice sampled so damn nice, same goes for the beat of the 'Bonet' interlude and 'The Biggest Lie', which is pure craftsmanship and goes in the direction of Living Legends’ music, while he also sticks to his trademark style of the Atmosphere albums on the decent 'Woman Tonight' and the lovely 'Dirty Girl' ('I love you like a rap kid loves breaks') with it’s 'chipmunk' –waddup Alvin?- beat.

Except for a few songs, this album is not like any Atmosphere album and it's not like any Murs/Living Legends album. It has lots of variation, and both rappers are havin a whole lot of fun and keep their sense of relativity intact at the same time...Murs and Slug are one of those few MC collaborations that work wonderfully! Now let's hope there are plenty more b-level actresses they wanna get into their bed, caus this is great music! They did it again, another album! And it’s superb.

POSTED ON 08|31|2005 by cpf

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