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Freddie Foxxx ... Is Here MCA • 1989

Before he announced a coup against the music industry as Bumpy Knuckles, he made fame on the underground level as first Freddie C and then Freddie Foxxx. With this debut album Foxxx introduces himself as a battle MC who’s about to trash the competition.

Rugged, fast tracks are 'The Master' and 'Stop, Look and Listen' with Freddie rippin the mic with furious anger . More braggin and boastin on 'Serious', 'Busted' and 'Make Em Feel It', where Freddie Foxxx lacks the competition over a funky beat with some nice cutting. Funky as hell is 'Keep Doin It Like This', a track that even has an exotic touch to it, also the title track has a sort of party vibe, without losing it’s street character.

The album’s also a dedication to all the pretty ladies. 'The Ladies Jam' and 'Forever' have Freddie rhyming over a smooth beat spittin love rhymes, provin that there is an LL Cool J hiding in him. 'Ain’t No Sunshine' is like a twin brother of LL Cool J’s 'I Need Love', where Freddie rhymes in the same manner as Cool James did on his hit single. A magnificent song is 'I’m Ready', it has a raw bass line, a nice guitar sample while Foxxx is claiming recognition for his unique rappin style.

'Freddie Foxxx Is Here' is a fresh mix of funky tracks, smooth love songs and rugged, up-tempo beats. Of all the albums Freddie (and Bumpy) made, this is definitely the most funkiest one.

POSTED ON 09|11|2004 by cpf

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