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A.D.O.R. Signature Of The Ill Tru Reign • 2005

Oh yes, while interviewing the man, we already had a feeling that this was gonna be golden. With some artists you just know things are gonna be tight. A.D.O.R. is such an example. The man's in the game for almost 15 years and his music is still solid as steel. Hip-hop has changed a lot during the last decennium but if you wanna stick with that raw street material, you gotta chose A.D.O.R! Let's enter Another Dimension of Rhythemz...

'Signature of The Ill' is a collection of street chronicles telling the life of hustling, surviving and staying real in the rap game. In 'No Tyme To Heal', A.D.O.R. looks back on his career and drops this essential line: 'Gotta rock that boom bap, stay true to my dealf and my first Yankee cap', makin perfectly clear what A.D.O.R. is all about. Production wise, the record is a trip down memory lane. 'See The Light' is a tribute to the old school, with a T-Love production, reminding of a TR Love beat, fully Ultramagnetic style, while the lyrics trash fake rappers. More hot production is the Diamond D track 'The Realness', A.D.O.R. and label mate K Terrorbull kick it hardcore and Diamond himself joins in like this 'I take the rims of ya muthafuckin WIP, backsmack ya stunt, in her fronts if she gives me some lip', hell yeah, this kind of nastiness reminds us of his classic record 'Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop'. Diamond's second production 'Day 2 Day' is all about the good vibes, with A.D.O.R. describin a day in his life 'Up-town, yes yo, the crew's swingin it, all the phat hymns, yo, the people keep singin it', the song reminds of Ice Cube's 'It Was A Good Day', Mobb Deep's 'Trife Life' or even Dre's 'Nuthin But A G Thang', this is music Marley Marl would be proud of, something to bump in your jeep. A.D.O.R.'s rhymes are incredible as he flows with a smooth cadence and equal rhythm. 'Drugz' is a song with A.D.O.R. declaring his love for weed but at the same time he sentences hard drugs, the beat has a smashing bass that'll rock your sound system. The first single of the album, 'Step Up' is one of the darker tracks of the album, with a dusty horn loop in the chorus and lyrics that tribute street life, 'My people keep it movin, groovin on that real street life'.

The album closes with a mega mix of top moments in A.D.O.R.'s career that remind people, who aren't that familiar with his music, of the long and honoured path he walked in hip-hop; you can hear a piece of 'Let It All Hang Out', 'The Concrete' and a loop of the verse 'Back once again for the Renegade master', sampled by Fat Boy Slim. Artists like A.D.O.R. are a rare species in today's hip-hop scene, being in the game for so long, he's still able to evolve his style without stepping away from the old school ways. Together with some ill producers, not only Diamond D or T-Love, but also Sir Jase, Supa Will, Ja-Bone ànd A.D.O.R. himself, he brings back the true spirit of hip-hop. 'Signature Of The Ill' is obliged material for fans of that raw 90s street sound, whether you're a backpacker, a hardcore thug or a geek, you'll love this cuz it's ill. (street date: October 4)

POSTED ON 09|07|2005 by cpf

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