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Pete Philly & Perquisite mind.state Unexpected • 2005

Dutch duo Pete Philly and Perquisite are this summer's festival revelations and put the cherry on top with this nice release. Makin a concept album with every song describing a mind state is not easy but somebody gotta do it. And Pete and Perquisite did well.

Their music is inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, productionwise, but also MC-wise as Pete Philly reminds a few times of Phife Dawg’s cool, descriptive and sharp way of rappin, combined with the perspectiveness and humour of British rapper Ty. Perquisite's beats are very jazz-influenced and therefore automatically sound like acts such as ATCQ or Ty. Also now and then he follows the footsteps of DJ Premier, using only a few piano arrangements per beat. The very infectious 'Eager' is such an example; an uplifting beat with Pete Philly rhyming about...eager. And what's the best way to define that word with the hunger and lust for sex; 'I spray all the remains of the Philly seamen' and 'I tickle the nipple and I let ya drip', Pete rhymes. The vibe gets very relaxed and chill on 'Insomnia' and 'Lazy', two dope songs who keep it on the low.

The album tends to lose its strength with 'Cocksure', 'Respect' and 'Paranoide' with broken beats and two-step-kind-of arrangements, who are not as tentive to listen to as the hip-hop songs. Perquisite just seems to feel much more at ease when he can make some jazzhop beats, occasionally added with live instrumentation, like the saxophone playin of Benjamin Herman on the reminiscent 'Grateful' and the warm soulful background singin by another Dutch act, Senna. This song continues five skips later with 'Grateful pt 2', but don't skip yet, because in between lays 'Mellow', where the same recipe is used; Senna once again delivers the singin and featured jazz artist is Jesse Van Ruller who breaks it down with the electric guitar. Very tasteful. 'Hope' ends the album with a positive note ànd with Talib Kweli!

'Mind State' is a nice LP with easy-listening, jazzy hip-hop, here and there a broken beat, dancefloor, lounge type-of-song, an Arabian influence and however the concept ain't easy to do, especially without soundin too monotonous, this is quite a creative effort. Although being from Holland, the accent is limited to a minimum, except for the hilarious last few lines who are 'hidden' and 'hilarious' so don't press on 'stop' after the outro!

POSTED ON 09|14|2005 by cpf

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