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Stick Figures Stick Figures Galapagos4 • 2005

From Chicago come Robust and Prolyphic to bundle forces as the formation 'Stick Figures'. Last year, Robust released his superb debut album 'Potholes In Our Molecules' (also on Galapagos4) while Prolyphic dropped 'An Alarm Clock Set For 9:01' on DuckSoup Records. Earlier this year, both rappers already gave us a taste of their craftsmanship with the 'Stick Figures' 12'. Each of those releases was applauded at by fans and critics, so therefore a lot is expected from this album.

And...'Stick Figures' turns out to be another great piece of raw hip-hop with an addictive amount of boombap beats, soul loops and tight lyricism. 'Headtrip' and 'Breakdown' are two boombap cuts with braggadocious lyrics 'If you don't know what I said, it's over ya head' bringin back that mid school vibe of no-nonsense raps and straight beats. And like any mid school recipe prescribes; the chorus of both tracks consists of a sample, in one case KRS-One in the other Buckshot, two heroes of the 90s, by the way. Robust and Prolyphic breathe and live hip-hop and know how to make a great track. 'Dust Til Dawn' is an ode to the art of record diggin, 'I'm not through diggin untill I fuck up my immune system, and ruin my longues'. While the first few tracks are pretty rough and up-tempo boombappers, the rest of the songs is smooth, jazzy and soulful with a melancholic sound to it and a fresh combination of different sampled instruments. 'King Of The Mountain' has a wailing female voice, 'Skin And Bones' has a slow, hypnotic sax sample 'No turnin back, burnin sax like Coltrane' and 'I Can Tell' has a great piano. One of the highlight songs is the also smooth and soulful '2nd Hand Love', a track that talks about how people wanna be musicians to get the girlies, while the beat is made of a dope sample and a sax in the chorus, spreadin mystic vibes through our office.

So what is there to conclude? 'Stick Figures' will live up to the high expectations of the fans and critics because it's a great, original album that obides to the rules of pure hip-hop; dope sampling, excellent loops, nice scratches and sharp lyrics that keep the listener's attention throughout the whole album. If you're askin us to come up with one negative point; we wouldn't have a clue! Definitely one of the better things that've come out lately so don't sleep on this! It drops September 27 on CD and will be released on vinyl in Winter!

POSTED ON 09|26|2005 by cpf

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