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Nygh & Event The First Event N/A • 2005

Ok, these two need some introduction because they've both been puttin out their music independently. Event is a Cherry Hill, New Jersey MC while Nygh is an upcoming producer from Cincinnati, who began as an understudy for Fat Jon. Addicted underground heads might've heard of him through his instrumental album 'Circling Vultures' (dropped earlier this year) plus he also produced a track on Can-U's 'A Stepping Stone' (also reviewed by this magazine).

It's always interesting to listen to the underground's underground and to throw a light on the artists who are dwelling in the dungeons of anonimity. The question if they will break through or not depends on a few conditions, findin the right people to work with is one. It seems like both artists can benefit from each other skills. Event's an emcee with aggressiveness and a hunger for recognition and a sharp, sceptic view on life, love and the world we live in, but in the past, he failed to have the right beats to put his lyrics to. Nygh says he's inspired by people like RJD2 and DJ Shadow, which can be heard in his production characterized by atmospherically, melancholic loops, well put over solid, rough drums. Although being at the very beginning of a possible career, Nygh proves he's able to put together different samples and sound layers and some of his beats sound very mature and cohesive, such as the opening cut 'Say It Right Now' with its vivid guitar lick, the obscure 'Taking Over' with an ambitious Event 'Takin over the world with my music', and the Shadowesque 'She's Beautiful' or the instrumental 'Trip To Space', with a few dirty drum breaks and the even more spacey 'Coming Off'. We already said it, Event is ambitious and flips some raw punch lines, he likes to brag a lot, sometimes right on point and witty, sometimes too evident. His flow is mostly tight, but doesn't stand a whole album and some of his hooks are appealling but others start to bore after a while.

This is not a bad album at all, the collaboration has a certain chemistry, the album's made with eager, with devotion and concentration. Most of the songs are put together well, some of the concepts work, some hooks get your attention but others fail to do so ('The Best', and 'Get Out', eg.). 'The First Event' is a good effort, with music that is made with a heart-felt passion, showin numerous spurs of talent that still has to be exploited to the fullest. We suggest 'keep movin, you're gonna make it someday'.

POSTED ON 09|28|2005 by cpf

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