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Outerlimitz Suicide Prevention Galapagos4 • 2005

1998 is the year and a collective called Outerlimitz drops 'Wrong Actions for the Right Reasons'. Now, seven years and plenty of radio shows, recognition from a vast fan base and a new line-up later, they return with 'Suicide Prevention' on Chicago's innovating label Galapagos4.

Qwazaar, known as a member of Typical Cats, rapper H.E. and producer Silence have managed to create a whole different, intergalactic and apocalyptic sound that carries verbally drawn abstract pictures of topics rangin from ghetto life, love and consciousness. We'll tell you this; you can't just listen to this music in your car, or play it on a garden party, one has to sit down and let the music take over. Silence's production is characterized by its heavy drums, deep bass lines, electronic sounds and dark samples. The music can hardly be compared to anything out right now. If we think hard we come up with Atoms Family, the Lenzmen, a bit of Micranots and El-P's darkest production. 'Nightmare' is pitch black, the excellent 'Still Dreamin' interlude, the fantastic 'Greater Things', with a bugged out bass line, and 'On The Inside Out' are drained in melancholy. Then again, 'Packaged In Plastic' has a dubby drum pattern, and another highlight, 'Frozen Sky' -'Stop smokin weed today, so we can cease the day'-, even reminds of a Kanye production, with its solid drums (much more slammin than Kanye though!) and pitched soul voice. Therefore the album has a different range of sounds capes, provokin different emotions.

'Suicide Prevention' is a solid album with and except for some lame hooks like on 'Mountain Lions' or 'Other Side Of Nothing', this can entertain us throughout the whole hour of progressive sound waves. You can't blame the group for not being original and not transcendin barriers in the narrow music field, hip-hop tends to be. If we gonna listen to this in 2020, we'll wonder how they came up with something like this, so soon already!

POSTED ON 09|29|2005 by cpf

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