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Tek N Steele are Smif N Wessun Reloaded Duck Down • 2005

The Boot Camp Click is back! After Sean Price's 'Monkey Bars', 9th Wonder & Buckshot's collaboration, this is the last instalment of the Triple Threat Series. And it must been said; these three albums really fresh up the crew's image that, after a few less solid albums like 'The Chosen Few', and far-from-convincing mix tapes, floated around a bit, not really knowing which direction it would go.

The first sentence of the album already forecasts a celebrated return; 'Smif N Wessun is the band that I’m reppin, the brand of the weapon, the reason why you have to respect us', however Dru Kevorkian's tappin synth sounds remind of a 2nd hand Alchemist beat and the lazy hook annoys, but the tight, raw lyrics hit down hard and take us back to 'Dah Shinin' days. However, it isn't really before the album's first single 'My Timbz Do Work' that the beats catch up with the lyrics and 'Reloaded' gets interesting, the electrifying feature by Heltah Skeltah 'You can ask Jesus Christ, I take my Timbz into church' and the bouncy, neck-twistin beat officially announces the glorifying return of the Bootcamp crew. 'In the hood, they love that, to the hoods we give back, nigga, this ain't no comeback, we never left where we live at!', they claim in the chorus of 'Gunn Rapp', one of the two tracks produced by Khrysis, who flips some smooth beats with hard-hittin snares, inspired by the 9th Wonder and Da Beatminerz. By the way, the latter are really the stars of this album's production line-up; 'Toolz Of The Trade' and 'U Undastand Me' are two fantastic tracks, both having a dope Latin guitar loop and -Beatminerz' trademark numero uno- solid, hypnotizing drums, who are flipped into a reggae pattern on the energetic 'A Hustler's Prayer'. The party, that already started with Coptic's Oriental-kind-of production 'City Of Godz', now totally breaks loose! If you weren't convinced yet, then the menacing crew anthem 'Get Back' proves that the BCC is back and here to stay. The album closes with another banger called 'We Came Up', a real soulful (dusty organ loop, sampled voice singin 'ooooh baby') Beatminerz production with up-tempo drums and a guest feature by Talib Kweli, nearly twistin his jaw with a few impressive rhymes 'Got me thinking about my niggas, drinkin dark liquor, sparks flicker in my mind, my heart quicker'.

Smif N Wessun are back with a solid comeback album, makin it really hard to tell which of the three Triple Treath albums is the best. 'Reloaded' starts on a false note, but during the album the music gets stronger, the lyrics stay raw and some of Da Beatminerz' fattest productions are on this, considered that two of those tracks are recovered from the unreleased Rawkus album. Bootcamp for life? Fo shure!

POSTED ON 09|30|2005 by cpf

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