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Second Thought It's About That Time Wiseye • 2005

The Second Thought crew is a Los Angeles based quartet consisting of Sophistic, Lost Lane, Awd and Ero, formed in 2004. Surprisingly, this album is solid as if they were workin together for about a year or ten. New to the game, but not to the music, they have managed to leave a mark on it with 'It's About That Time'. About that time to let their voice be heard, about that time to break through, about that time to let the world know that Second Thought got skills.

Their music is clearly influenced by jazz, while they bring to the table great piano stabs, horn loops, accoustic guitar licks and some live keyboard playing (on 'Spaceman'). Most songs are produced by front man Sophistic, other contributors behind the boards are group member Lost Lane ('Yesterdaze', 'Pass The Torch'), LD ('It's About That Time') and Behind Bars ('Spell It Out'). The album opens with 'React To The Sound' - 'I can make your body tremble when I feed you this art'. It's an honest and ironic look at life, music and the industry, over boom bap drums with the Isaac Hayes sample used on Al Tariq's 'Foxxy Brown'. A great horn loop dominates the beat of the beautiful, melancholic 'The Other Side', reminding of an early Pete Rock production. This track is all about the utopian 'the other side is greener'-theme.

Second Thought is not your average rap group as they're not afraid of talking about love (on the gloomy 'Real Woman' –'Before I found you, I probably need to find me' -, the humoristic 'Don't Expect More' and the smooth 'Spaceman'), George W. Bush (OK, who doesn't but 'The Devil's Plan' is pretty sharp – 'We’re on the break of another world war and I don’t think the planet is prepared now') -, the culture itself ('Pick Your Style Pt 2') and how to live life right ('Live Righteous').

'It's About That Time' for the Second Thought crew, with sharp, clever lyrics and solid production, drained in jazz, a bit of soul and embodying the old-school (the smashing drums on 'Pass The Torch') and mid-school with East Coast-like productions but also reflectin a West Coast vibe ('Spaceman' is heavily influenced by the Pharcyde). Nice independent release of a group that will most likely make a name in the West Coast underground.

POSTED ON 10|12|2005 by cpf

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