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Barsha Barsha's Explicit Lyrics BumRush • 1990

This piece really deserves a spot in the rare section because 1) it’s rare as hell, as it was only pressed on CD and it wasn’t imported into Europe and 2) it’s a bangin album, with 7 tracks produced by Audio Two and 4 tracks by the King of Chill, peoples who you always can rely on if it comes down to funky dope rap music. Barsha’s rhymes are nasty, rough and braggadocios, with subjects like fuckin girls and kickin the competition’s ass.

In 'Knockin Hiney', the B-A-R rhymes: 'knockin boots and then I kick them out'. 'Brooklyn, Brooklyn' is an ode to his neighbourhood over a typical Audio Two beat: party funk, that’s comparable to the funkiness on albums such as Audio Two’s 'What Can I Say?', Cool C’s 'Ghetto Life' and Stezo’s “Crazy Noise”. Barsha is getting nastier and nastier, 'Seminar 90' is grimy: 'I’m B-A-R, my specialty is wreckin butts'. But the King of Chill produced 'Pick up the Pieces' will leave your girl shocked: one of the most sexist songs in hip-hop history (imagine that). The song’s also released as the album’s only single, pressed on vinyl, it’s also easier to find.

Barsha’s ego keeps growin in 'B.A.R.', an ode to the man himself and 'Pimp of the Year', a track that pretty much reflects the album’s character: raw type, aggressive lyrics with fundamentally funky beats, this album is not gold but it’s definitely a must for hip-hop addicts who love that early 90’s vibe and searchin for collector’s items.

POSTED ON 09|19|2004 by cpf

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