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Infinito 2017 Roddny Dangrr Fild Domination • 2005

With an average of 5 to 6 released albums in a year, Infinito is one of the hardest working artists in rap music. Not new to the game and with over 35 albums on his sleeve, Infinito 2016 hasn't received the recognition he deserves yet. Because although he might've been droppin albums like a mad man, Infinito aka Marcellous Lovelace never failed to make genuine music from the heart, the mind and the soul.

His latest project 'Roddny Dangrr Fild', which is named after the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield who received less recognition and respect than he had talent, should be a turning-point in Infinito's carreer, a point at where he should get the respect he deserves, as he also claims in the chorus of 'Dixmoor Illinois'. This album shows not only his talent of pouring strong messages in only a few lines, but also his excellent choice of producers, who match those lines with the perfect soundtrack. This album runs 20 tracks deep at a slow, mellow pace, that puts you in a kind of daze that soothes the mind, while the lyrics are fillin it with an opinion. The music is jazzy hip-hop that turns into Blues more than once, not really surprising if you know that the album is recorded in Memphis. Infinito describes a lot of social injustice, but at the same time he adds humour, advice and hope. In 'Proto-Complex', the chorus says 'Today we rise, can we open our eyes, see what’s goin on, take pride in life' and 'What Is A System' emphasizes the importancy of learning in order to make it in life 'I came to school to learn, not to chase every set of breasts'.

Like every rapper who respects himself, Infinito likes to brag; in the magnificent, Memo-produced 'I'm Like None Of Yawl', Marcellous chops sucka mc’s in pieces with lines like 'Just because you make music, we can never be friends' or 'Don’t get ya neck brokin messin with this now, it only took a second to destroy your sound', and on the Mr Mind produced 'Protest-In-Contest' he goes 'We gon' break yo face, get complicated and chase you fools away'. Productionwise, every song has the same slow drums, piano stabs or guitar licks, sounding either dark, gloomy or fresh and exotic (Kenny Keys' 'This Black Girl Bad' and Thaione Davis' 'Respect Anu Art'), arousing a mix of feelings. Most (although that's six out of twenty) of the beats are made by Molemen's Memo while others are done by upcoming talents such as Mr Skurge, Fatnice, Mixx Massacre ('Love Is' also features Rhymesayers recording artist Psalm One), DJ 5th Element and Boston underground household names Insight and Doc West of Single Minded Pros.

'Roddny Dangrr Fild' is a great listening experience on a musical and lyrical level. Infinito won't surprise you with a rigid flow nor a smashing punch line but with his unique high-pitch voice and nonchalant rhyming he tells an intriguing tale of hope and respect, that keeps the listener sharp and attentive throughout the album. Infinito 2017 educates and entertains; he moves and pleases the listener with a tight line-up of producers behind him. Like Otis Redding used to say: r-e-s-p-e-c-t!

POSTED ON 10|15|2005 by cpf

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