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Show/D.I.T.C. Street Talk Lumberjack • 2005

The last few years, there have always been rumours about the legendary DITC-crew: whether it was a name-changing, an artists leaving the roster, a possible break-up/come-back or whatever… So, the fans been waiting in doubt for a while now. Showbiz wants to make clear that DITC is not dead, and now that a large part of the crew is touring worldwide again, this solo album might as well be the perfect buzzer/appetizer for that real 'comeback' (should we call it a comeback?).

As the line-up tips us, this ain't the official/original DITC whatsoever: Lord Finesse doesn't grab the mic, nor does Diamond D; MOP and Big Pun never were DITC imo, and the rest of the album stars some (less known) DITC affiliates. But what the heck! This album has DITC written all over it! This is not your typical Various Artists Compilation (we always had an issue with that 'VA' type-o-shit), but a Showbiz production album with that genuine but updated DITC sound.

As for the original crew members, AG, OC, Big L and Fat Joe show up. OC and AG ride the beat of 'Chase Game' with a natural smoothness and AG comes off a bit harder in 'You Ain't A Killer' with his Get Dirty compadres where all competition get trashed. Fat Joe didn't impress us that much on his latest solo efforts but this time around he actually holds it down for real: 'My Bad' with Party Arty and a great piano lick is quite nice, 'Bronx Tales' is Fat Jiddoe on his best storytellin' and the excellent funk-sampled 'Best Behavior' (featuring Big Pun) reunites both brothers in a head nodding track. Besides Pun, there's also a fellow dead man rappin' (no disrespect) on this album: the late great Big L! No need to say that the intro of 'Back In My Hood' ('Aiyo, Showbiz, I had this bugged out dream last night...') made us smile right away, just like L's other punch lines. Big L and Big Pun both get some shine with (known) lyricism and whether this might sound sentimental or not: it makes us wish they were still alive.

Showbiz also picked the other guests with care: D-Flow, A-Bless (e.g. in the great 'That's Bless'), Milano (the melodic 'Done In Vain' deserves some play!), and of course the rugged-neva-smooth Party Arty (who gets some shine in about 8 tracks – we believe they're planning to do Arty’s solo joint together). Show also made a nice remix for MOP's 'Pounds Up'.

The producer managed to make a variety of contemporary beats matching his guests, while staying true to the unwritten DITC-production-law. Some of y'all might know some of the tracks and/or lyrics on this LP, but rest assure that this ain't a reason for not picking up this record. Showbiz serves some delicious food to chill our big hunger during the wait for the next official DITC album, but ironically enough – this one makes our hunger only bigger. Right on the shelves, so you don’t even need to bow down to dig in the crates! Pick it up.

POSTED ON 10|17|2005 by wulf

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