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Eternia It's Called Life Urbnet • 2005

It's Called Life. She's called Eternia. A Toronto based femcee known for heartfelt lyricism and a hunger for hip-hop and approving her skillz. From early recording sessions with the Demigodz, to – more recently - remarkable features on albums by the likes of Majik Most and Cesar Comanche, Eternia has been holdin it down for real. Now signed to Urbnet Records it's about times she blows up with her debut album 'It's Called Life'.

The pick of the album title is no coincidence as this CD reflects on different aspects of/in life, read track titles as: 'Hate', 'Family', 'Death', 'Love', 'Balance',...Yes, a highly introspective and personal album; but at the same time Eternia manages to make her tracks feel universal and attractive.

Production is handled by the less known cats DJ Merciless, Simahlak, Tony Mason, Kenny Neil but also by Colizhun who has some fame from the track on Freestyle’s solo debut. The same track 'Understand (If I)' is also featured on 'It's Called Life': a dope song with a catchy voice sample that sticks to mind. Another 'sticker' is the flute-loaded 'Inspiration' where Eternia drops one (!) impressive, aggressive verse of almost 2 minutes! 'Family' reflects on E’s family struggle in the past and has the same heartfelt lyricism as the rest of the album is also blessed with (big ups for the fitting Mobb Deep and Gangstarr samples too!). Her writing brilliance is showcased in the spoken word 'Death', which is only one illustration of the many striking lines on this album. She knows how to bring a message and relativises it at the same time ('I won’t preach to ya, I’m from the same system' – 'Evidence').

Eternia really reaches out to the listeners by capturing their attention with direct and sharp lyrics, and that's what makes the record entertaining. Although she proves to be a versatile femcee (she clearly distincts herself from the plastic-doll-femcee-generation) who can ride a beat and write a track, the album sometimes suffers from a certain monotony due to the fact that – in our opinion - there's a lack of chemistry between the emcee and some similar productions. That being the only dud, 'It's Called Life' is a nice and promising album! And… like Majik Most said about her in the interview we did: 'She's pretty fuckin dope!'. Who are we to not agree with the Hip-Hop Molester…?

POSTED ON 11|08|2005 by C.Wulf

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