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GZA / Genius Words From The Genius Cold Chillin • 1991

When I heard the Liquid Swords album I was amazed by GZA’s raw voice and unique rappin style, fat album that is, but then, I remember hearing the vinyl single 'Pass the Bone' at my man Devious’ crib, oh shit?? Is this from an album? On Cold Chillin? Damn. GZA’s first album is a banger, don’t expect any Wu-Tang beats cause it’s a whole different style than the other Wu solo albums or the first group LP 'Enter the Wu-Tang'.

'Words from the Genius' is up-tempo, funky beats, the typical Cold Chillin sound of that moment. No need to explain GZA is a dope MC, on this debut he has the same raw sound he has nowadays, there’s no sign of an immature, non-developed voice, it’s strictly ruff, high-speed rhymes. This album is mostly battle rhymes like on the title track, 'Who’s your Rhyming Hero?' and 'Phony as You Wanna Be'. The first is funky breaks, crazy scratching, humming voices and straight flowin by the GZA: 'my style couldn’t be bitten by a shark'. The track has also a party vibe to it like the album’s single 'Pass the Bone'. The drums on it are up-tempo and funky as hell, with a Harlem Underground sample. Also, the song features a cameo by The Genius’ mentor The Prince Rakeem (aka RZA), who’s also mentioned a few times in other songs. A recurrent
subject in Genius’ rhymes is social criticism, like in 'Drama' and 'Stop the Nonsense', where The Genius is criticizin the use of drugs.

A song I need to mention is 'Superfreak', an explicit sex story, full of crazy lines and nasty noises in the background. 'Believe it or not that the fever in her head ran straight to her twat' and 'I could hit a home-run with my cock', are only a few of those lines. Nice. The Genius rips the mic over some of the earliest production of the Prince Rakeem (who’s definitely inspired by Marley Marl) and Easy Mo Bee. Expect no Wu-Tang joints but straight, funky rough mid-school hip-hop.

POSTED ON 09|29|2004 by cpf

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