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Digable Planets Beyond The Spectrum Blue Note • 2005

Smoother than De La Soul, jazzier than Gang Starr and humbler than ATCQ, Digable Planets made the good weather in the early 90s with albums that are still considered classics; 'REACHIN' and 'Blowout Comb'. This compilation follows the group's reunion tour and offers the opportunity to relive the happy vibes attendees must've experienced.

Now's the question; 'Is this relevant for the real fans?'. Our answer: 'Yes, it is!' Here's three reasons why: first of all; it's a blessing to the cocky, gangster-izmed industry that the honey-coated music of these jazz-hop hipsters has found a way back. Second; this album has a few remixes and B-sides that are funky like a Pacific sun-set and thirdly, hits like 'Rebirth (Cool Like Dat)', 'Where I'm From', 'Nickle Bags', '9th Wonder', and 'Dial 7' are digitally re-mastered and have never sound better and louder, in contrast to the original pressings. And we didn't even count in the fact that this album is released on the legendary Blue Note album and therefore underlines the classic status of the group.

The hits left aside, what's cool on this album? The 'new' songs are not thàt spectacular hence interesting for any fan. As there is; the piano-soaked 'Dedicated' (an extra on the non-US version of Dial 7/Graffiti 12"), the minimalistic, bass-loop-driven 'Three Slim's Dynamite' and an excellent remix of 'Where I'm From', holdin some of the dopest sampled horns and trumpets you'll ever hear.

But what could've been on this record? For now, we can think of 'It's Good To Be Here', 'What Cool Breezes Do', 'Examination Of What', 'The May 4th Movement', 'Black Ego', and 'Borough Checks', but then again this is a compilation, which depends on matter of choice, preferences and legal issues, but also proving that Digable Planets has a whole lot of good songs to choose from!

POSTED ON 11|14|2005 by cpf

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