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SupremeEx & Tajai Present Nuntype Rumble Pack • 2005

We bet not many people were aware of Nuntype's first effort, the critically-acclaimed EP, 'Projecto: 2501', a story unfolded through a multimedia interaction with design, Internet and music. To be honest we were sleeping too, but now, six years later, we get a second chance to discover the superficial world of Philadelphian producer Supreme Ex and Hiero/Soul Of Mischiefs' MC Tajai.

The CD is once again a spacious adventure that demands a lot of effort from the listener, hence it's not easy to build a new world which is believable and admissible enough at one time, unless your first name is George and your last name is Orwell or Lucas. The design that supports this project is great, but the music is what really matters to us. 'Nuntype' is another example of Hieroglyphics sense of innovation, crossing musical boundaries within a genre that has the tendency to remain too static. Remember the Deltron 3030 project from a few years back with the excellent chemistry between Del the Funkee Homosapien, Dan The Automator and Kid Koala. However, 'Nuntype' is not another Deltron 3030 album; this album is more focused on the music itself, for instance, you won't hear Tajai rappin on every song. On the great 'Formless' he busts some psychedelic raps or raps that just sound good 'Should I live my life the Hemmingway or the lemon way?' but besides that he does some spoken word ('The Jagged Edged Genesis' and 'Millions Of Fishes'), some singing or lets the beats speak. Like in 'Cleanup March', a track that leans towards two-step or lounge music and 'Cacophony Carknock', which even tends to be drum n bass (remember we said 'crossing boundaries'). Also ground breaking is the wonderful 'Meaning' with the angelic siren voice of Goapele and Tajai addin some raps, pointing out that 'time is the only loss that is every worth grieving'. 'Expand your mind', he also raps, and that's what it takes for the listener to really dig this album.

'Nuntype' reminds us of trying to watch an avant-garde movie for the first time; tempting but complicated, until you strain yourself to listen to it and then it's only a matter of liking it or not. 'Nuntype' is not just hip-hop, it's music, it's drum n bass, it's electronic, it's lounge, it's a movie, a requiem of a dream or a space odyssey, it's 2025, it's transcending. A challenge for any rap fan, not everyone will like it but give it a spin at least and then see if this experiment gets a hold of you.

POSTED ON 11|20|2005 by cpf

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