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Hezekiah Hurry Up & Wait Soulspazm • 2005

Aaah…music that soothes the soul. Hezekiah brings you nothing really new, but his music is great. Straight up hip-hop from Philladelphia (actually Delaware), and y’all know what that means: rap music with a big portion of soul and synth funk.

The album is mostly produced by Hezekiah himself, the man who made a name through the internet page Beat Society, but also by working with The Roots, Musiq Soulchild, Bilal, the Jazzyfatnastees and Bahamadia. Two cuts are produced by Illmind, one by Anthony Accurate and the first track 'Put Your Toys Away' is crafted by M-Phazes; a very 9th Wonderish joint with Hezekiah giving us glimpses of his troubled childhood and his present ambitions. The smooth 'Right On' features Aaron Livingstone and reminds of a Slum Village / d’Angelo collabo. Hezekiah ain’t the biggest rapper on earth but his lyrics sure are sharp and determinate, dealin with black history and social issues like racism, police abuse, etc. His example is followed by Richard Raw on the collabo 'It Couldn’t Be Done'; 'I make rappers take the back seat like minorities in the 60s' , the song also features Chief Kamachi and Keziah. Two other Philadelphian legends feature on the album: top notch lyricist Grand Agent shines on 'Live and Direct' and Bahamadia makes a comeback on the fantastic 'Gipsy Slang', earlier released as a 12”. Another beloved subject is women. The soulful, jazzy 'Photograph' is an ode to a lady’s beauty. 'Conscious Porn' is a groovy, warm track that celebrates the sex appeal of an in-depth conversation and “Psycho Chick” deals with a girl that ‘s too crazy to date. Not your ordinary love song, but it’s like Hezekiah raps; 'I like my women like I like my sneakers; with their tongue out'.

Definitely worth mentioning too is the flute-driven 'You' and the gloomy 'Soul Music'; check out the videoclip here. Very nice debut!

POSTED ON 04|02|2005 by cpf

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