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Parallel Thought Drugs, Liquor, Sex & Cigarettes Day By Day • 2005

Recently proclaimed by Jean Grae as 'the future of hip-hop', these 3 (very) young cats have quite some expectations to live up to with their newborn EP. Let their 'short-profile' be known: Parallel Thought is a New Jers' production trio consisting of Drum, Knowledge and DJ Apendix Hed. Trademark: multi-layered beats which are well chosen mixtures of traditional hip-hop sampling ànd live music. Accomplishments: worked with a load of established artists, are distributed by the great Day By Day entertainment and released this jewel EP 'Drugs, Liquor, Sex and Cigarettes'.

We actually like the idea of this kind of EP. First of all, you get the 5 tracks with the MC’s; then you get to hear the same tracks, stripped to the bare beat-bone. The emcees bless Parallel Thought with great lyrics. Parallel Thought blesses the emcees with pure heat-beats. That’s the first part. Simple and plain: straight up beats and rhymes. The second part showcases Parallel Thought’s talent in its pure form: the instrumentals (or should we write: instruments?). Making listeners realize that – although the lyrical tracks were very dope – they don’t need no emcee to keep you listening.

'Freaky' (1 & 6) has Pack FM and Jean Grae altering over a funky bassline and has a Jeru 'Come Clean' sampled in the chorus, which gives this track a fresh appeal. GM Grimm rides the cinematic, threatening, almost typical war-grimm-esque beat in 'I Wonder' (2 & 7). It’s a great and very natural collabo which was probably another good reason for Grimm to take these young kids under his Day By Day wings. 'Stay Sleep' (3 & 8) maintains in givin’ this EP that mysterious, almost evil sound. Illogic is clearly backed and supported by the beat in his message and flow. The last two tracks are both laced with Stronghold emcees. The funny-hyperkinetic C-Rayz Walz sparks the great 'Chorus II' (5 & 10) beat with some extra energy (check out how the same sample as Pete Rock used in 'All The Places' is manipulated here!). Breez Evahflowin, who also did the artwork, gets some company from the always great Slug from Atmosphere on 'Don’t Ever Think' (4 & 9). Again the beat is multi-layered and hypnotic, a perfect beat for Slug to put his twisted lyrics to: ‘When you fall on your face, I’ll hold on to your shoe lace’. Parallel Thought perfectly knows how to bring a variety of sounds and emcees together, and make 'one whole' of it. The beats empower the complex lyrics, the lyricists empower the beats.

Paste the name 'Parallel Thoughts' into y’all collective hip-hop memories and thoughts. Let this EP make you say 'I wish this was an LP, yo!'. Let it have you keep some free space in your CD rack / vinyl crates for their future releases. Let it surprise you. Parallel Thought is it. Jean Grae was right.

POSTED ON 11|26|2005 by wulf

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