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Starrs & Murph Loose Change LooseChangeMuzik • 2005

Starrs from NJ and Murph from CT are two rappers with a passion for music and with nuthin but loose change to start their take-over. This duo has performed for Little Brother but also for 50 Cent, The Lox and Joe Budden, which can be heard in their music where mainstream and underground harmonize perfectly. This is music for street dwellers, club goers and backpackers.

'P’s & Q’s' is an extremely soulful intro song and introduces us to the realness that these two rappers represent: 'never took a phony image of a thug or a killer, so the people don’t question or ask if I’m realla'. Starrs & Murph are who they are, two MC’s who wanna shine in what they do best: rappin. An example of their exquisite rappin skills is shown in the grimy 'Turn My Mic Up', where they drop incredible flows along with Culture. 'Get Involved' is nothing but roughness and proves the street attitude of this music. Even though, by telling a tale of withstanding hard work and surviving a rough life, this album has a particular non-stress factor that fills the listener with positive energy. 'Relax your mind and release your fear, catch the vibe, let it be so clear', they chant in the closing track 'Rock On'. Introspective is 'Cold World', about the rawness of everyday life ('hard times make it harder to stay sober') and the lovely Supreme One production 'I Tried To', with some chipmunk sampling and clean drums. 'Tell em Starrs to a Supreme track is like Kenny G to a sax', so we will.

'Feels Good', 'If UR Lonely' and 'The Crown' is where they transcend the underground and aim at a mainstream public. These are songs with a catchy hook in the chorus, a smooth beat and tease raps luring at the opposite sex. 'Loose Change' is perfectly balanced between two levels of music that rule today’s hip-hop scene. On top of that, it’s great writing and flawless production, stuffed with different moods goin from streetwise to soulful to party-like. This is definitely in our top-3 discoveries of the year!

POSTED ON 12|13|2005 by cpf

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