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Literates Unspoken N/A • 2005

The West Coast underground: a roaring, heath filled place, bubbling with talent. It's not only a hiding spot for the A-Team or a playground for The Liks, it's also the background of The Lits' life and music. Literates is an LA trio consisting of Kahlee, Visualz and A.N.T.I. representin raw lyricism and authentic beats.

'Unspoken' contains 7 songs that range from funky music to introspective, soulful productions. An example of the first style is the opener 'Keep It Live', an up-tempo party anthem. 'I like to drink beers till my hands can’t steer'. Besides this dedication of the good life, there’s also a city anthem, 'City Of Angelz', featuring Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog, where they manage to take over the Bay for exactly 3 min and 57 sec. But thé track of the album is the title song and soon-to-be-released single. Chopped up strings, some piano stabs and a slammin snare accompanied by the group's energetic lyrics and a decent chorus are the more than appealing ingredients of the album's strongest meal.

With more than a regular interest we've been keeping an eye on the West Coast underground, because there's an irreplaceable vibe and creativity that dominates and spices up the rap scene. 'Unspoken' has some of that energy and pins one's attention on a group that has plenty more good vibes for the future.

POSTED ON 12|15|2005 by cpf

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