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Big Daddy Kane Long Live The Kane Cold Chillin • 1988

The King Asiatic No Equal is one of the dopest MC’s in history; standin right beside Rakim and being the best rapper of the Juice Crew (just before Kool G Rap). With his braggadocios pimp-ass rhyming, lethal punch lines and persistent flow there’s no substitute. All these talents came out on 'Long Live the Kane', with its dope cover where the Big Daddy is treated as a Roman caesar by his Harlem harem: long live the king of rap…

Where to begin? Ah, highlight and most famous song on this LP is, without a doubt, 'Ain’t No Half Steppin'. What a fantastic cut it is: 'Rappers stepping to me, they wanna get some, but I’m the Kane, so yo, you know the outcome', smooth lyrics ('You just a butter knife, I’m a Machete') over a fat funky mellow beat, this is history in the making. Also legendary: the collabo track with old time friend Biz Markie on 'Just Rhyming with Biz' ('Could I be weak while I’m rather unique'). Another bomb track is the up-tempo 'Set it Off', a trademark Marley Marl production with up-tempo funk drums and sirens. Scoop & Scrap, Big Daddy’s dancers and occasional mc’s are introduced on the back-to-the-old-school 'On the Bugged Tip'. Remember the movie 'Wild Style' where this break was played over and over again. When talking about breaks, you can’t go past the Pamplemousse break on 'Word to the Mother Land', that would become a regularly used loop in hip-hop (Alkaholiks’ 'Daaam' eg.).

This LP is the cornerstone of the Juice Crew foundation and a milestone in rap history. Nuff said! Plenty of solid albums and porn movies followed in the career of Kane, but this right here is the foundation.

POSTED ON 01|23|2005 by cpf

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