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Tall, Dark and Handsome Tall, Dark and Handsome B-Boy • 1988

At the time, B-Boy Records had top acts like BDP, Coldcrush Brothers and JVC Force, but in the shadow of KRS, Curt Cazal and co there was this group called Tall, Dark & Handsome. Mr Delirious KD, Chill, Big Pooh and DJ Kool -'If he don’t diss her, he’ll scoop her'- Money Ray are from the Westside of the Boogie Down Bronx and were discovered by DJ Red Alert.

This self-titled album can be easily found as it was partly repressed on a double album together with JVC Force’s 'Doin Damage'. The album is stacked with funky, keyboard beats, solid drum programming (crafted by the 45 King a.o.) and Money Ray’s superfunkyespeecaladocious scratches. In the 'well-known', up-tempo title track, everyone explains why they call themselves Tall, Dark and Handsome. Unforgettable is the 6 min 23 sec AIDS prevention campaign 'Joyce', where Mr Delirious tells this hilarious story about takin Joyce to the backseat of his car, playing her some of TDH’s music, catchin a sexual disease and then goin to the hospital where he eventually does a nurse too!

Also on the prevention matter is 'We Don’t Need Crack' with the sirens of ESG’s 'Ufo' and some extracts of Incredible Bongo Band’s 'Apache' mixed for the beat. A great example of throwin in different breaks is 'The Bronx Is Back' with the finest old school breaks matched perfectly. This record is definitely a classic B-Boy release but unfortunately goes down in the annals of hip-hop as too underappreciated.

POSTED ON 07|25|2005 by cpf

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