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Father Dom Father Dom T-Cap • 1991

Not very well known, but a class-act album from 1991, this debut of the Father, who’s affiliated with Capital Tax: producers Smooth G and JH the Master also worked on Capital Tax’s The Swoll Package (1993) and guest MC TMD is a member of Capital Tax. Much respect to the Father cuz the album is made almost entirely by himself. He produced nine cuts of ten and wrote all the lyrics. The album opens with a smooth, jazzy, sit-back-relax track. Father Dom rhyming with so much coolness, my decks almost freeze. This could be an A Tribe Called Quest track.

'Father Dom' continues in the same way: a funky composition with nice trumpet samples and Father Dom rhyming like he’s sitting in the chair, observin. 'Hard to Handle' is a less smoother track and tends to be much rougher with tough lyrics over a heavy slammin bass drum. MPC shit! In the same line lays 'U Don’t Stop' with an up-tempo deep bass line, and the raw posse-cut 'Now We Gotcha', with guest MC’s JH The Master and TMD, who both rhyme gritty. Mad funky is 'Grand Pooba' with the famous Parliament’s 'Mothership Connection'-sample.

One of the grooviest tracks on the LP is 'I Can’t Stay Mad (At You Forever)': a bugged out drum with a smooth saxophone sample soundin real tight. This album is a must-have for mid-school fans, having that typical begin-90’s sound of jazz and funk samples. However, the album is very hard to find on vinyl and even on CD , so keep your eyes open for this one.

POSTED ON 10|14|2004 by cpf

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