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RADIx Prelude To The Staple Shadyville • 2005

Of the Root. In Latin: radix. This is music from the soul, from the root down to say it with the words of the Beastie Boys. RADIx (with small letter x) is Boston’s young lions Quite Nyce and SEEK, two artists who’re maniacally dedicated about their music and who have roared the underground with solid 12”s, a few EP’s and some solo projects, among them Quite Nyce’s earlier released debut album 'PowerMoves'.

For this mix CD, that anticipates RADIx’s first full length 'The Staple', they hooked up with DJ Opal! of the infamous Shadyville mixtape label. The CD consists of some new and old releases intertwined with interview extracts, in an attempt to get to know the duo better. The collection once again shows the group’s dedication and skilfulness. Jewels like 'Rush' (both the original and remix version) featuring High & Mighty’s front man Mr Eon, 'DJ/Emcee' (with a loop taken from Placebo’s 'Humpty Dumpty'), the jazzy boom-bap of 'Buildin' and the soulful 'Overseas' are one for one bangers that could’ve come straight of a classic album. So maybe 'The Staple' will be just that, a classic. It only makes our curiosity grow fonder. Furthermore, it’s good to hear back tracks like 'Behind Bars', 'Forgotten' and 'Peel Remix' (featuring Breez Evahflowin and produced by Cadence) from Quite Nyce’s album. Only minor point is the yelling and oversaturated scratches of DJ Opal! But the idea of putting in some interview snippets is nice for the fans and people who have yet to discover RADIx.

And believe us, there’s a lot to discover. RADIx is energy, skills and ambition. For us, one of the revelations of 2005, and according to this preview their music is still goin steep high in quality. By the way, if we keep our fingers crossed, then maybe Rob Base will feature on the 'The Staple' too. Can’t wait.

POSTED ON 12|23|2005 by cpf

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