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Hoverock Records presents... Kite Crucifix Beyond Valium 1 Hoverock • 2005

Their weapons are many, their devotion, tireless. This compilation is the Hoverock collective’s First Manifesto, an ingenious collection of hip-hop experiments, sprout from the brains of Rap Scientists. But rather than Large Professor, they are Scientists in the tradition of Company Flow, constructing formulas of melancholic beats multiplied by abstract lyricism.

This album brings Hoverock artists such as PFM, TSE, Jes The Universual, Orion Pax, Iron Ora, Take7 and Kems together with guest rappers K-the-I???, Quest the Unborn Child, MC/DJ LUMiN, vyle (Birthwrite Records) and Kugar Inkswell. Never heard of em you say? Well, vyle left aside, we neither. But familiarity is not a condition for recognition because this is a promising album. Dark keyboards, unpolished drums and menacing bass lines create an atmospherically togetherness of sounds. The lyrics are a chemistry of bragging writes, metaphorical visions on society and the music industry, with a constant sub layer of criticism and cynicism.

You can relate it to the Def Jux collective, although El-P and co have straighten up since the early days, movin towards the centre of the underground. This however, is left-wing, the underground’s alternative, the basement of the Subterraneous. An experiment that is not as revolutionary to hip-hop as 'Pavlov’s Dog' was to Behaviourism, but it’s one with lots of potential. This is for the ones who wanna dig deeper than the surface of underground hip-hop.

POSTED ON 12|28|2005 by cpf

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