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Gumbo Droppin' Soulful H2O On A Fiber Chysalis • 1993

An underrated album right here. Probably because it was released in 1993, the holy year with releases such as 'Enter The Wu Tang', '93 till Infinity', 'Intoxicated Demons', 'Midnight Marauders', and so on… The album is produced by Speech, known of Arrested Development fame. It’s a record full of funky, jazzy, feel-good music. The songs are very musical: with flutes, pianos, vibes and a lot of additional percussion, sounding like African rhythms and taking the listener back to the Motherland.

Typical for the tracks are the background vocals who add a very special, soulful dimension. The lyrics are in contrast to most hip-hop lyrics non-violent, dealing with issues such as tolerance, green consciousness and psychological welfare. It’s therefore a unique kind of music within hip hop, only finding some resemblance in groups such as Digable Planets.

This LP is definitely one of my favourites of all time with pearls such as 'Basement Music', 'Dropping H2O…' and 'Dancing Beauty', being only a few of the many highlights on this album. Thank God I was at the Ghent vinyl fair at the right time, diggin in the right crate.

POSTED ON 10|17|2004 by cpf

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