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BeatMonstas Presents vol 1: The 3rd Weapon BeatMonstas Ent • 2005

Hip-hop has never been bigger in the Windy City than today. Just when you think you have seen or heard every quality group from Chicago, there’s another one knockin at the door. Meet the BeatMonstas. One of Chi’s biggest hip-hop crews, and a melting pot of every wind direction of Chicago, from the gritty streets of the Westside till the infamous Southside.

'The 3rd Weapon' is a promising effort with a variety of songs goin from soulful to grimey but always remaining true to the school of Boom-Bap. Variety also in lyrics; besides a few solo tracks, most of the songs have a line-up of crew members who fit amazingly well, only betraying the fact that they’ve been rappin for a long time already. However the first thing that will attract you is the production. The piano stabs of 'Paradise' stand out and outshine the singing in the chorus pretty much, the lyrics are sharp and playerish, hollowing at girls. In the same style is 'Overdrive' and 'Have A Word With You', both holdin a jazzy, lively vibe that we ain’t heard since the Tribe Called Quest days. 'Class Division' has a grimier appeal with a raunchy sample and a political appal against the class system. 'Four-Four' is the album’s single and makes you breathe in the Chicago spirit from tip to toe, due to the production of an organ loop and funky drums. Then again 'Telephone Call Away', clearly the most soulful track on the album, reflects a more Detroit (read Dwele) mood.

To make things even more exciting and broader, there’s the melodic 'Wake Up', the raw, electronic sound of '5th City/211' and the club banger 'Tha Warning', turning this album into a quality piece of music. Besides Abstract Mindstate, this is the second revelation from Chicago, that surprised us this year.

POSTED ON 01|05|2006 by cpf

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