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Eddie Meeks After This...I'll Holla Asylum/Domination • 2005

Ever since his first release 'How To Live Life' in 1997, Eddie Meeks aka The original Tenessian Don Dada has charmed us with his raw Southern accent (living in Atlanta, but reppin Memphis, mayne!) and clever lyricism. Meeks is raw, Meeks is class, his flow is drained in dirtiness, not 'dirrty, dirrty' but solid rhymes with smart lyrics, characterized by unique punch lines and sharp metaphors; 'Independence is my shepherd, the wolves can’t get through me'.

Our hunger for a solo album, being stilled by the release of his group Prophetix's effort 'High Risk', was becoming pretty unbearable but here it finally is. Introspective ('Daughters Serenade') and cocky ('The Bitterdose'), with a combination of mellow and raw production, Eddie Meeks prepares himself to holla on everything he loves. Shortly before the album dropped, the monstrous 'Sasquatch Feet' blew us off our socks. '‘This dope beat sounds like Sasquatch feet, thunderous, lookin for mics to spit at, I make ya feel the ground shakin ya bones, son, ya feel that? Size 15 foot prints are hard to fit', well, it’s exactly that. Meeks descriptive lyrics are remarkable, just like his fierce braggin and boastin; 'My big dick get in the way, I automatically limp like the hardest South Memphis pimp'. Besides a terrific feature of crew partner Mello Mellanin 'Chicken heads bubbling, got me chuckling like Kevin Eubanks' on the bluesy 'Grown Folklore’, Meeks managed to gather a solid line-up of producers (Jon Doe, Willie Evans Jr, DJ PRZM, James Scienide, Jimmie Ledrac and Meeks himself) bringin forth a palette of sound colors goin from majestic ('First Fulla Biscuit') and symphonic ('E-M-Pereal'), to the jazz of 'Why?' and 'Perseverance' and the soul of the warm 'What’s It All About' and the melancholic 'Change Everything'.

Also can’t forget to mention Evans Jr’s great beat to the 'ATF' remix, originally released on Cadence’s 'State Lines', where Big Meeks cannot wait with the hollowing 'I’m getting a little richer thanks to DJ Fisher, the chance of loosin is slim, what up Grimm?'! Underground hip-hop in 2005 was great, but it was waiting for the cherry on top. Search no more, we’ve found it!

POSTED ON 01|05|2006 by cpf

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