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Black Milk Sound Of The City Vol 1 House Of Music • 2005

Get ready for a hot funky cup of Black Milk! It’s been bangin in our office for a while now (some of us got it in their trucks, of course) and we still can’t get enough of it. In the heritage of Jay Dee, this album reflects the sounds of the dirty D all the way. If you liked Slum Village’s latest album and if you’re still noddin your head to Phat Kat’s 'The Undeniable' then you need to check this, because Black Milk worked on both albums.

The party starts with 'Nigga What', an up-tempo track with rugged drums and a dusty ass break, reminding of that particular raw and bouncin sound of Jay Dee’s 'Ruff Draft EP'. Although being more of a producer than a rapper, Black Milk pretty much solves his rap inadequacy by rappin in a playerish manner and with a spontaneous flow with some change of rhythm and motivating lines, 'Paper cups in the air, ghetto fabs how we bringin it'. Cups, they pretty much appear throughout the whole album. On 'Pimp Cup', Milk returns to the essence of the Detroit sound; a soulful loop and a neck-attacking snap on the end of the snare 'like some old SV ish'. An absolute banger is 'So Gone', putting people’s back up off the wall, and as Milk cheers 'feel free to sing along', we even betray ourselves on chanting along. While we’re at the bangers, definitely count in the title track with clean but lively drums and a great feature by long-time associates Fat Ray ('The Gorilla, so don’t get it confused cuz I be with the Villa') and Elzhi himself. Slum Village is furthermore represented by Baatin on the acid soul of 'Eternal', while T3 rocks the mighty beat of 'Danger' alongside Phat Kat (ridiculously raw!) and Black Milk who opens with a hypnotic flow 'when the beats bang ya the danger is on, danger like Stallone hangin in Cliffhanger, on and on', provin that he handles the mic well.

What a tasting experience! Fuck apple or cranberry juice, fuck my Alpro banana soy milk, I’mma get me some more of this. 'Sound Of The City vol 1' is just another example of how the next generation of Detroit producers have stood up and believe us, they are gonna bless our days with plenty more good music. It’s a Detroit take-over! And excuse my excitement but it’s hard not to be cheerful about this bundle of energy.

POSTED ON 01|07|2006 by cpf

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