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Soul Plasma The Soul Affect N/A • 2005

The one and only Soul Plasma strikes back once again, fresh from the West. Formerly a part of the Acts29 project, Soul P is known for his devoted and Christian inspired lyrics. 'The Soul Affect' is his second solo effort after 'Simply Soul' and as both titles already suggest this is meant for your soul, but also for the mind.

Not preachy but advisory, Soul Plasma rolls through like a mental coach. 'The Soul Affect' is a bundle of life experiences, reconstructed through heart-felt lyrics and, as a result, tips on how to survive life when it hits you hard. Food for the soul like only Common or Marvin Gaye could prepare. As a matter of fact, when it comes down to spirituality, Soul P’s approach of music is in a way comparable to Gaye’s religiously inspired music. By the way isn’t that the Motown legend singin in the background of the title track? Nah, it’s not, but the resemblance is there. A lot of tracks on 'The Soul Affect' contain soothing chants in the chorus, sampled soul divas, some horns and hypnotic organ or piano loops. A few songs are characterized by a rougher, boom-bap kind of sound. Like 'Takedaday', featuring Destro from Boom Bap Project, where they celebrate hard work and providing for family needs. Production highlights are the piano-driven 'Survive', the mystic 'Soul Searching', the wonderful metaphorical 'Hey Pain', reminding of a 9th Wonder production just like 'Wait', a sad tale of self-destruction, urging you to think before acting. 'Misunderstood' holds those mystic voices again and reconstructs the mind of the misunderstood 'Gun shots never sounded so good, with all these voices in my head, I don’t hear God so good'.

'The Soul Affect' is a tight album. The content goes deep but never gets too complicated so everyone could easily follow what Soul P’s trying to explain. Also the well-matching music, crafted by unknown producers and the great guest features will surprise you. Whether it will convert you is another case, but you can bet a buck on it that you'll think about live and its issues after having gasped through this album.

POSTED ON 01|15|2006 by cpf

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