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Intense The Bohemian Pimp Project Defend Music • 2005

Aight, I’m not going to break my head on what exactly a Bohemian pimp is or aspires, but one thing's for sure; 'he' makes some good music. As a founder of Philadelphia’s Schoolz Of Thought, Intense has earned a few stripes in the game, but with this solo project, he proves that he can stand his own.

So what can you expect from it? 'Not just an underground album', the Bohemian Pimp explains in the introspective 'The Truth About Me'. In the same style is the mesmerizing 'That’s Life'. Yep, this is not an ordinary pimp who sticks to the superficiality of plain party tracks and seducin as much girls as possible. 'Do your lady right', he claims in 'Options', another clear and strong-minded vision on life. Despite the heavy weed smoking, Intense’s has a strong drive and motivation. The opening songs 'Force Of Movement', 'Sunshine/Moonlight' and 'Healthy Obsession', for example, are energetic, passionate songs with a healthy dose of self-confidence and assertiveness. Intense’s flow appears to be versatile, sometimes he flows loosely like Talib Kweli (in 'Need'), with a rigid flow like Necro (for a few bars in 'Force Of Movement') or just playful and up-tempo ('All My Life').

Summin up the production line-up of this album reveals the combination of soulful dream-away tracks, neck-snappers and musically rich compositions, as there is: Illmind, Hezekiah, Mic Paradise, Phillippe Allert (Zap Mama) and Adam Bomb. Warm bass lines, soul samples, even folk-classical interpretations (Bohemian style! in 'Sunshine/Moonlight’) and dubby rhythms ('Music Therapy') are contributin to the album’s unique range of sonic emotions.

'The Bohemian Pimp Project' is a strong album, totally supported by Intense himself, without too much guest features, proving that he can hold its own. Ok, here and there, he got lucky having a strong production team but then again that's also a merit of Intense to match all productions and build a solid and consistent debut album.

POSTED ON 01|19|2006 by cpf

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