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Absolute Power Visions Of Kings N/A • 2005

'Welcome ladies and gentlemen once again, as if we never left', the voice sample in the first track goes; conceptually introducing Absolute Power as if they have always been here. You might think different as you’ve probably never heard of ‘em. Both are founding members of the purist hip-hop Original Skill Foundation and now MoJo King (NY) and Vision (FL) teamed up for A Vision Of Kings. Clearly not only a wordplay on their own names, but also the glue that unifies their tracks: a vision, a message and a statement.

You’ll actually have to sit back for your listening ventures, cuz this is not your typical easy listening hip-hop. Almost every track is double-sensed and drained with emotions that slap you in the face, or even kick you from one corner to another... Melancholy for instance, in the slow yet hard and galactic 'Dirty Dozen', (a dedication to the once who have been supportin since day one) and in the desprate 'DPO'. Then again Mo and Vision also match perfectly on the joyful lovesong 'Adam & Eve' or the fired up somehow military 'Cold Winter'. A wide range of styles indeed, with one thing in common: personal expression is wrapped around wordplay and vice versa.

Striking for the whole album actually is the fact the tracks are in someway transcending time and space, as well on the production as on the lyrical level. One time a track has this good old skool feel ('Unlimited' even made us draw comparisons with LL’s 'I Need Love'!), another time around the exact same song makes you go think this is abstract futuristic stuff , or it takes you back to the mid-90’s ('Skills Found' with the other Foundation members).

Absolute Power created a mature record inspired by their own outside-of-the-box-thinking definition of hip-hop, which makes this album not so accessible voor the narrow minded or lazy listener. It took a while for us to appreciate (let alone comprehend – no pun intended) the style and concepts, but it most def did grow on us. So check it out, cause why wouldn’t you be in for a challenge?

POSTED ON 01|23|2006 by C.Wulf

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