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Unified School District Take Warning EP Unification • 2005

Ever since Jurassic 5’s 'LAUSD', the term 'Unified School District' made its entrance in hip-hop music. Now meet Oakland’s Unified School District, consisting of rapper Super Ugly and DJ/producer Ecto One. Since 2001 they’ve been makin music together, and in 2004 their collabo with Declaime, 'Think Hard', reached airplay in Europe and Japan. The 'Take Warning EP' is the anticipation for their debut album 'Brokedown Palace' that’s coming soon.

Ecto One brings to the table solid, old-schoolish drums ('Saccharine'), melancholic darkness ('The Pallbearers'), bluesy samples ('The Eye') and even introduces classical, fairytale compositions ('Radio Promo'). You guessed it; a variety of sounds, not really reminding of someone, although 'The Pallbearers' has a lot of an early El-P production and 'Think Hard' could’ve come straight off Declaime’s first album 'Illmindmuzik', thus not really surprising that he guest features on the song. Super Ugly laces sarcastic, fierce lyrics that mistrust life and the future. 'Hazy is the future, maybe it’s computers, maybe it’s the gangsters, Scorsese like to shoot us' he raps on 'Think Hard'. Pretty deep and unconventional is 'John Hurt', a 'tribute' to the Elephant Man, his social isolation and ugliness in general, 'Life’s not pretty so why should the music be?'

'Take Warning' contains eight creative songs with various kinds of productions, while Super Ugly’s raw and deep voice contrasts or underlines the music. Both artists match perfectly and are able to produce plenty more of good music in the future, starting with 'Brokedown Palace'.

POSTED ON 01|24|2006 by cpf

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