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A-Trak Sunglasses Is A Must DVD AudioResearch • 2006

Almost 25 years and already been around the world and ay, ay, ay, this Canadian turntablism prodigy has quite a story to tell. From his Bar Mitzvah, when he bought his first set of record players, to his recent tour with the almighty Kanye West, 'Sunglasses Is A Must' (no particular symbolism) offers a closer look at his travels, battles and him meeting up with some of hip-hop’s most colourful people.

The DVD, who will later be followed by the 'Sunglasses Is A Must' record, is divided in three chapters: 'The Come Up', 'The Battle Era' and 'Globe Trotting Journals'. Fans of turntablism will be looking with excitement and great interest but there’s more: even if you’re a regular hip-hop fan, you can enjoy the hook-ups with people like Peanut Butter Wolf, Mixmaster Mike, Babu and Roc Raida. Or if you’re DJ rookie you can catch up on some routines due to the bonus features (Red Bull Academy workshop eg.). The concept of the DVD is simple; from the past till now it shows A-Trak’s career-span with interventions by the man himself sitting in a chair, with a cigar, a bath linen and a glass of whiskey, chatting together the several chapters with his typical Canadian accent. Highlights are the 'A-Train incident', Peanut Butter Wolf playing on some toys, the scratching horse at Roc Raida’s place, visiting Money Mark, goin backstage with Kanye and of course the several DJ sets, only displaying A-Trak’s enormous talent.

What makes 'Sunglasses Is A Must' different from other DVD’s is the amount of recorded material, this DVD is packed with footage, and if it’s not fully shown in the movie itself you can watch it entirely in the bonus features. It has this cosy, low-budget character and the graphical carriage is great, only enhancing your watching pleasure.

POSTED ON 01|30|2006 by cpf

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