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Pizdamen Red Stars Pizdamen Music / UCP • 2006

'This is a real fat album, I’m quite sure the lovers of hip-hop music and culture will get off on this' KRS-One says in the intro of the album, and good students as we are, we would never dare to speak up to the teacher! Nope, not even if it’s only a sample. No need to really, because the Blastmaster pretty much predicts it right.

'Red Stars' is a celebration of hip-hop, it’s packed with references to the old- but especially mid-school days and we’re pretty much sure you’ll hear a sample of your favourite rapper, scratched through the songs. No time to take yourself too serious: Bobby Brewski, Aaron Wade and Clark Bent are havin a ball while rappin about girls, booze and music. Two highlight songs that claim back genuine hip-hop are 'Bring That Beat Back', a great drumbeat that supports Aaron Wade in his crusade against r ‘n b (rap n bullshit like De La said), and 'The Renaissance Man', 'takin you to the Golden Age like nobody can'. 'Pimp Strut' needs no further explanation (title and the fact that you heard this on White Shadow’s 'Renegades' considered), while 'Let It Bump' is a nice headnodder with fun lyrics and a handful of eyewinks to the past 'I can’t hold it back, that’s word to K-Solo'. 'Rise & Shine' is hard-hittin drums, moody strings, magnificent sampling and Bobby Brewski and Clark Bent talking about everyday life, makin music and the industry. A big contributor to the group’s sound and the album’s quality is White Shadow, bringing to the table some of his best, most versatile productions. He’s also layin down some supreme scratches (an impeccable choice of samples and a great DJ track 'The Raw Uncut') and even dares to rhyme as his alter ego Myke Perv (on the horror movie theme song 'The Evil'). Let it be clear, White Shadow is a way better producer than MC, but it’s quite funny.

Although all three rappers of the crew feature on the same song only a few times, they are a well-oiled rap group (it’ll rather be beer than oil though), spittin lyrics like they live life; with a passion for the music, girls and the Red Star label.

POSTED ON 01|31|2006 by cpf

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