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Scoob Rock New Day 360 Degrees Ent • 2004

Sweden is more than Looptroop, Timbuktu or Soul Supreme. Take Scoob Rock for instance. He doesn’t really enjoy an international status, but with several experiences in life, his West-Indies background and therefore multi-influenced hip-hop, his music has the potential to live up to a worldwide status.

'New Day' is Scoob’s fourth full length album and contains soulful productions, reggae influences (the Caribbean background!), laced with energetic as well as introspective lyrics. The album opens with three strong concept songs; 'One Of Those Days' is a feel-good tune, in the tradition of Ice Cube’s 'Today Was A Good Day', where Scoob celebrates the good life 'Ladies and gents, imagine a hot date on the beach, cold beer in the right hand, everybody getting a beautiful sun tan'. 'It’s Like Dat' is another energetic banger with a soul sample in the chorus, a promising feature by Palestine, and with a strong lyrical attitude 'Leave you flat like a door mat' urging to persist and keep moving, while 'Zonin' is a mellow, sit-back-relax celebration of hip-hop. More introspectiveness is to be found on 'We Strive' ('to be something in life'), with an Oriental touch to it, followed by 'Please You', where love is spread to all the supporters, family and friends, and the intimate and social-critical 'Ease Off', 'slave trade ain’t physical no more, it’s mentally invisible'. Carribean-influences can be heard in the ragga tune 'Rotate', 'DA Massive' (holdin the same infectious loop as Count Bass D used on 'Antemeridian'), 'Do you now', 'Head The Words' and 'You Don’t See'.

'New Day' is a decent album with fresh and versatile production (don't forget the last and 'hidden' track produced by The Beat Surgeons), somehow following the sound of Soul Supreme, and matching well with Scoob’s raspy raw voice. The soul singing and reggae choruses might’ve been cut down a bit more but we’re willing to admit that we’re kinda narrow-minded on that area.

POSTED ON 02|07|2006 by cpf

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