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Jive Cuttah The Helekwom Helekwom • 2005

Now here’s something depressing to cheer you up! Jive Cuttah is a Boston rapper and hooked up with producers Rev Al, Dr Holmes of the Grumpy Olde Men collective, to release a sinister album dedicated to death, depression and other backsides of the track.

The album opens with a big Gravediggaz eye wink as 'Grim Reaper Sabbath' sets the mood with a wailing string that pierces through your mind. Lookin at the other titles, the main atmosphere of the album is revealed; 'Creation Of Sin', 'Romancing The Dead', 'Gray Days' and 'Help Myself' not really predict a g-funk album full of hedonistic lyrics and feel-good beats. Au contraire, this album holds some of the darkest and self-destructive lyrics I’ve heard in a while. 'Yesterday, I sliced my face with a razor blade, I moved to my wrist but I found I was too afraid' even leans towards horror. The lyrics are inspired by spirituality and religiosity, talking about the constant tension between hell and heaven, God vs Devil. Jive Cuttah’s flow is deep, raw and close-to-hypnotic, only enhancing the atmospheric and eerie character of the album. In 'Fire & Brimstone' Jive Cuttah shows that he’s able to flip a rigorous, faster flow too, as he twitches a tight flow in the second up-tempo part of the song. The production perfectly fits the album’s themes and consists of dramatical beats charachterized by moody strings, a tweaked violin ('Romancing The Dead'), dark organs and mystic voices (on the nice interlude 'Brainwash').

This album is something you’re not going to play everyday, but it’s worth a listen now and then. After all, it ain’t all gotta be about the girls, the booze and (for God’s sake) cars. This only shows the versatility of hip-hop and how far one can go with it. Listening to 'The Helekwom' is takin a look at the flipside of the average rap coin.

POSTED ON 02|18|2006 by cpf

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