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Self Scientific Change Angeles Records • 2005

Ever since the single 'The Return', Self Scientific really can’t do nothing wrong to us. 'It’s the return to the way we were before the influx of drugs and money occurred', Chace Infinite courageously rapped over the warm and Southern beat of master producer Khalil. Five years after their debut 'The Self Science', Self Scientific returns with their sophomore album 'Change'.

Not confiding with today’s state of business and state of the world is once again a starting point for what is a terrific album. Their message is very optimistic and unfortunately naïve but they want 'Change for the world, money for the poor, food for the hunger' as exclaimed in the intro. The album tips off with the heroic title track, in which Chace analyzes and puts to test the shortcomings of the world in 2005. In 'Tears', the conditions of the poor are analyzed over a eerie, Khalil trademark production. 'Weight Of The World' continues on a sentimental level, but disappoints with the annoying chorus. 'Live N Breathe' (with all your heart) is another strong lyrical piece such as 'Chace’s Theme'. At the same time they do keep it gangsta in 'When I Die', 'When I die, where will I go? I hope God is a gangster…gangster' and the mediocre club track '2 Step', where Khalil pulls a few synthesizer tricks and Chace kind of misses the right words in his game of seduction.

Khalil’s contribution is once again great. From eerie, warm compositions ('Balance'), to heavy up-tempo breaks ('King Kong'), Oriental guitar plucks ('Understand Me') and hypnotic xylophones ('Futurist'). Khalil’s production is soulful, jazzy and exotic at the same time, always arousing some feelings, whether it’s good vibes or melancholy. 'Love Bird (Khalil’s Theme)' is fully instrumental and shows Khalil’s ability with arrangements and instruments as he turns it into a funky, jazzy, dream-away lullaby.

'Change' clearly emphasizes the craftsmanship of the wonderful team that Chace and Khalil really is. Both have grown since 'The Self Science', which makes this effort their strongest work until now. Until now, because there is much more to expect from these two.

POSTED ON 02|18|2006 by cpf

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