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Rasco The Dick Swanson Theory pt 1 Pockets Linted • 2005

The 'illest MC’s that ever came from San Fran' aka 'Cali Agent nr 1' returns with the Dick Swan Theory! 'It’s the shot-gun slinger, middle right finger, me against the world, up against ya girl' he starts off in 'The Theory'.

Us? We catchin goose bumps. Rasco’s voice is overwhelming, powerful and tough, in the same style as Rakim (used to) boost(s) our ego. Immediately the tension is raised for what is to be a hot album. Rasco’s lyrics are mighty and stand about a million rappers. The production is handled by Jake One, Oh No, Marco Polo, Therapy and Polyhedron, aka the cream of the crop mingled with some of hip-hop’s upcoming talents. The soulful 'Lighten It Up', 'No Love' ('The hell with fame, that was never the need, at my own pace settin the speed'), the blazin 'This Is How It Goes Down' with a terrific sample and the electrifying collaboration between Ras and Opio, and the extremely melodic and mesmerizing instrumental track 'Emotions', show the talents of the producers behind this project. As for the two party tracks, only 'Back Down' holds it down seriously with a blazin Cali Agents collabo over an Orientally inspired loop over hard-hittin drums. The other party track with Ras Kass, 'Making The Rounds', disappoints, if only on a production level. Ever since 'Hey Girl', Rasco has a tradition of smooth-talking and playerish lyrics and honours this tradition in 'Chances'; 'She was five foot tall with the turquoise top, the prettiest there, I started to stare...'.

'Dick Swanson Theory pt 1' is everything we hoped to hear from Rasco. His traditional lyrics and fresh productions by a relatively young team of producers take us back to the days of 'Time Waits For No Man' and 'How The West Was One'. Monsterous!

POSTED ON 02|18|2006 by cpf

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